Have you ever had someone do something so bad or evil to you that you could not simply move on from, despite the urge to and wanted to revenge? Well, this was where you did not know about revenge spells without ingredients that get back at someone exactly the same way, if not more than, they wronged you.

It is termed as karma when someone does something, good or bad, and that similar incident or deed sometime later happens to that person. So, if it is expected that once you do something to someone it happens right back at you, are revenge spell chants justified in their intent? This is something you have to look at from both sides of the coin.

First, let us look at the ‘offender’ who in this case does something to someone not expecting any form of retaliation because let’s face it not many people know about the existence of revenge spells without candles. Often a time people expect to do harm unto others or maliciously tarnish someone’s reputation or the ones they love just because of selfish reasons and go unscathed. And in most cases they actually do.

Then there is the victim, the one that is wronged in the first place and does not know a single clue as to what to do without the knowledge of solutions like revenge spells for beginners. In most cases, when someone is harmed or hurt in a really bad way it is something that they do not expect especially from an unlikely source that they are completely shocked when they get to know from me who hurt them.

Simple revenge spells that work on someone immediately!

In that same context, for simple cases where the harm is not that big on someone there are simple revenge spells that have been proven to work and deliver the exact level of hurt that a person caused you to them instantly.

While revenge is not something that is ideal to have going around there are some people that simply do not let it go when provoked and that is what most people have failed to understand; that some people will actually return the favor.

I personally do not condemn any violence or harm of any sort, and in fact, I resent it in the strongest way. However, by the time someone does something evil or devious just to hurt another surely the former (initiator) would not be surprised if the victim retaliated in equal measures. This is why my spell to destroy enemies have been some of my most used spells for clients that sought to have their enemies paid for what they did to them. It is seen by most harmed people as simply getting back at someone that wronged them first; basic tit for tat.

Free black magic revenge spells

In the old days, communities used the immense power of powerful revenge spells to make sure they made rival villages that had stolen their cattle or produce lose a lot by casting this spell. Such spells were so devastating in that there were massive fields of mysteriously destroyed crops or unknown causes of animal deaths as a way of repaying such communities for their uncalled for invasions. From such times, villages and vast communities learnt to respect other villages’ property, how small they were.

From such times when free black magic revenge spells were the go-to solution to get back at someone the act of getting someone to pay their dues for something they did was no longer left for the corrupt clan heads or failing judicial systems to decide.

So, for those that are still wondering up to now and asking themselves do revenge spells work the answer is simple, they actually do. And if you want to test this or refute this fact try doing something really bad to someone that has heard of these spells and you will see their effects when cast on you.

And while spells to punish someone could not just be used for the sake of it or out of spite for someone without that person having wronged you, it was ultimately up to someone to avoid being hurt by doing good unto others. It is for such reasons, like fear of similar or even worse retaliation from the victim, that people way back then were as civil and respective of others’ lives and property than it is today.

How to revenge on your enemy with powerful revenge spells

With that being said, do you find yourself asking whether there is no other way to deal with your enemy and deliver the same harm they did to you minus physical confrontations? Well, this is probably one of the reasons why the enemy spell has ganered all its popularity among many people all over the world that are especially bullied by stronger characters.

Seeking revenge on someone is not something I would recommend for it only yields hurt and pain although it is justified. But when push comes to shove and someone is taking advantage of the fact that the person they are hurting is not reacting then I gladly offer these very effective and powerful revenge spells that instantly work.

These spells are meant to stop unfairness and senseless, cruel acts of inhumanity against others and for your own peace of mind, you can now get your payback with my help today. All you have to do is tell me your story through my contact and you will have your revenge done for you instantly. Get even today!

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